Schema Projects


Works on paper by Grace DeGennaro

October 28 -December 4, 2016
Opening reception Friday Oct. 28th 6-9pm

ARTIST TALK - Sunday, Dec. 4 - 5:00pm


In her current painting series Continuum, artist Grace DeGennaro strives to convey to the viewer a sense of the unseen structures that supports the universe. Each of the paintings on paper featured in her show at Schema Projects, begins from a central axis that divides the support into equal “golden” sections. Starting at the center of a schematic framework, DeGennaro applies small beads of pigment in a process that combines colors in recurring accretions. The resulting lattice of color on a contrasting ground imparts a gnomonic expansion, much like the symmetric growth of a tree, a shaft of wheat, or the shell of a nautilus. Each mark begets and relates to another mark, creating a visible record of time as the surface evolves and the past is seen with the present.
While DeGennaro builds on the language of geometric abstraction, her innovation is to create works of a potent energy force, at turns vibrational or calming. We feel a rapture that is like star gazing which holds us within its thrall and the organized progression from work to work unfolds in an orderly fashion filling us with visual delight.
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The installation will remain on view every weekend Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm or by appointment. Please contact the gallery for further information or a checklist.

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